Innovative New Wine Company Pays People Around The World

Innovative New Wine Company Pays
People Around The World

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What Our Members Say...

Curious to know what it's like to be a Direct Cellar?
Take it from just a few of the thousands of happy members we have all over the nation.

This video brings light to our motto here at DC; Get In. Get Wine. Get Social.


Get In

To be honest, whether you're a wine lover or not; Direct Cellars is for you! It's simple, your first step is to join the club, and start receiving wine from all over the world right to your doorstep! Each month you will receive 4 bottles of Artisan wine that you cannot find anywhere else!

Get Wine

As you start to enjoy the benefits of being involved with Direct Cellars, odd's are you'll start naturally sharing the word with friends and family. Long story short, as you share the club, you earn rewards such as FREE wine and even an opportunity to build an income with Direct Cellars!

Get Social

Build an income with Direct Cellars? Most of our club members will hold wine tasting parties, share DC on social media, even hand out business cards. The possibilities are endless; the more social you are, the more potential you have! So go ahead, get in, get wine, get social!

Get Paid To Share Wine

As you can probably agree with, wine is a social experience. When founding Direct Cellars, the owners came up with an idea that seems so obvious, yet never executed on...

Welcome to the first ever wine club that pays it's members to share the experience with friends, family and even total strangers. The more you share our incredible wines from around the world, the bigger an income you can create.

Get In, Get Wine, Get Social, GET MONEY!




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